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Strolling Accordion

Nothing tops the Accordion to add a little European flavor to any event.  Very versatile musically, this portable keyboard specializes in Italian, French, Spanish, German. Viennese, Hungarian, Russian, and Amercian favorites.  This is designed to be a soft touch romanric sound for Dinners and background music for special events although our performers can do a lively Bavarian Polka-Party-style for an Oktoberfest if that is what you want.  All of our people candress in tuxedo for formal events or in, what we call, "cafe attire" - after my Cafe Trio (see below for link to photo) - which is a more colorful look with some combination of flowered shirts, vests, neckerchiefs, beret, etc ...


Kevin Solecki
Nominated for a Grammy for his Polka CD. Also does other European and American favorites. The life of the Party!

Randy Lugares

Graduate of the Tamburitzans, Randy has a bubbly personality with a wide repertoire of styles but his specialty is Eastern European music.  We often match him up with a Violinist for a scintillating gypsy-style performance.  Can also do lots of Italian, French, Spanish, and American tunes too.

Paul Calise
Italian music specialist who does a wide variety of romantic and energetic music.

Strolling Mandolin and Guitar Duo  



A rare specialty these days we am happy to be able to offer the best.  We have two options for you pending availability - Solo Strolling Mandolin with backing guitar tracks or Strolling Mandolin and Guitar Duo.  Primarily Italian music favorites are played as the performer(s) move around the room.  Requests are welcome.  Attire options vary but always look great. 

The solo performer uses recoded guitar tracks to accompany the most popular tunes he plays and his mandolin features a wireless pickup which allows him to heard through a sound system while he moves through the room.

The Mandolin and Guitar Duo offer a traditional acoustic sound and play many favorites and requests. Experienced and professional.